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  1. Hi sir.
    I m 55yr. If I stop after 67days
    Any problem. Or I have to continue
    The Virxplus.
    Answer me sun as possible
    Thank u.

    1. Hi

      You can stop after 67 days if you want, no problem there. It is however recommended that you use the products for at least 4 months.

      Best regards,

  2. if I order the month supply for free will I be obligated for automatic shipment after the month supply is over

    1. Hi

      You can’t get a “free” trial like some other products offers, but as you mention they will ship you paid products each month after that.
      You can add a free month supply to any order that you want to buy, so you can’t get anything for free but you can get an extra bottle added to your order for free.

      Best regards,

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