Looking for penis exercises that really work? Then stick with us because we’ve got a few that should get your motor running. All it takes are a few minutes every day to produce results that will result in a bigger, stronger penis.

– Getting it stretched out

Here’s one way to naturally enlarge your penis without having to resort to pills, lotion or surgery. First off, warm the area with a lukewarm cloth in order to increase the blood flow in that region. Then, you’ll want to clutch the head of the penis and hold it out horizontally (stretching it) for five to ten seconds. Then release. Perform the same motion in the vertical direction between your thighs. Then, pull it gently again but towards your stomach. Repeat all these motions roughly ten to fifteen times.

– Doing it backwards

Be careful before doing this one, it can be considered a little dangerous. Using your thumb, pull the skin of your penis backwards toward your body. Using your other fingers, support the shaft. Hold it firmly for ten seconds and do it for no longer than five minutes per day else you may cut off valuable circulation.

– Kegel style

Here’s perhaps the safest method of the lot. And it’s all about the illusion, as you’ll merely be controlling your erection itself. When you urinate, try to stop the flow – that’s the muscle you’ll be using. Eventually, learn how to contract that muscle twenty to thirty times. Before you know it, you’ll be able to control this muscle and when you do it during an erection, you’ll be able to maintain it for far longer periods of time. It will also (eventually) lead to girth and length gains with your penis as you increase the blood flow in that region. It’s an excellent, safe method and can’t possibly harm your organ.

Those are just some of the excellent penis exercises you can perform, you can find a complete penis exercise program here.

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